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LNOA: Birthday Bash

LNOA for a birthday bash thrown last weekend at a Hollywood watering hole, where the really nice Eastern bloc ladies who run the place provide patrons with free hotdogs, microwave popcorn and Keebler cookies. My favorite part about this look is that it’s decidedly budget-friendly: both the tee and booties are from Marshall’s, and I found the skirt at Target. I own 2 other high-waisted miniskirts like the one pictured here and love pairing them with tees and casual shoes (TOMS, flats, low-top sneakers, booties; rarely heels) for a lowkey look, save for some neon pink lips. I’m getting some major mileage out of that NARS Schiap lipstick!

Tee, Peace Generation. Skirt, Xhilaration. Shoes, DV by Dolce Vita. Lipstick, Schiap by NARS.

Sneaking Into Fall

Fall in Los Angeles usually means having to wear actual shoes on a daily basis instead of my black skinny strap Havaianas. Compared to when I was in high school, my collection of sneakers has dwindled but I love rocking these eyelet Converse low tops with elastic laces. I found these on sale at Nordstrom almost 2 years ago and get comments (mostly good ones) from sneakerheads whenever I wear them, usually with a pair of skinnies and a loose vintage tee.

But who am I kidding - I’ll probably still wear the Havaianas.

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