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So yesterday I raved about the new Dolly Wink false band lashes I picked up as part of my epic haul at SaSa in Hong Kong. Dolly Wink is a Japanese cosmetics brand that seems to be the one of choice for anyone looking to rock a Harajuku-inspired “kawaii” look. The brand’s line of mascaras, lipglosses, lashes and more can be found stateside but at premium prices.

I almost always wear false lashes for work because there isn’t enough lengthening mascara in the world that could make my eyes pop on-cam like a full band of falsies (I usually go for the drugstore brand Ardell since I figured out they work just as well as the pricier ones although my indulgence remains the brand Kreat). I was drawn to this set of Dolly Winks initially because of how they taper and are fuller at the ends. After trimming them a little,(anime eyes I have not!) I rocked these yesterday and loved how they wore! One of my biggest complaints about falsies is that the bands tend to make lids itch, prompting me to tear them off the minute I step off-cam. I suggest buying sets that have the “invisible” or thinnest bands possible. They also made my peepers pop in a non-Real Housewives kind of way. Twirl.

Not an uncommon find in my bathroom, unfortch.

Not an uncommon find in my bathroom, unfortch.

Beauty Tips from Maria Menounos

I’m digging Allure Magazine's new Beauty Diaries feature and in this one, Extra co-host/entertainment reporter Maria Menounos shares some of her beauty tips. Like Maria, I re-use my fake eyelashes all the time, even the cheap drugstore ones. I've tried a few different brands on both ends of the price spectrum and only one brand REALLY makes a difference for the price (if you must know: Kreat, pronounced “create,” and created by an Asian-American makeup artist so they're especially suited for my eyes).¬†

I have a whole method to my fake eyelash madness - I usually wear 2 sets at a time so you know I’m serious about this stuff - which warrants a standalone blog entry, maybe 2 or 3. Or 5.

In related news, Maria just posted on her twitterfeed that she’ll be posting her daily looks. Fash-spiration. Real talk.

Maria Menounos' photo Gonna start tweeting out my looks for the show each I'm wearing alice and olivia w/steve madden shoes and nola singer jewels
Maria Menounos on WhoSay

"In the Dressing Room" with Cat Deeley

I just discovered “In the Dressing Room” a series of short beauty-centric web videos hosted by one of my TV host idols/girl crushes, Cat Deeley of “So You Think You Can Dance.” As someone who’s had to self-style for the camera, I really appreciate that Cat does so willingly, despite her being on a network show where she could easily opt for a professional. I interviewed her once and can attest that she is just like her signature style of vintage/high-street/designer: genuine, authentic, sweet and just so cool. Below: 3 “In the Dressing Room” vids, starting with a great companion to the Lashing Out blog post, “Five Types of Mascara Wands”! via

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